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There are many things to think about when preparing for any move.
Here are a few tips that will make the task easier
Prepare a moving survival kit. Below are some essential items to pack. Keep these items with you, don't send them with the mover.
Prescriptions (have extra on hand; you may not be able to get refills immediately.)
Papers and keys for new home.
Clothing (take enough to get you through a week of casual and work wear, even if you expect early delivery.)
First Aid kit. Tool kit. Pet supplies. Flashlight/batteries. Toiletries. Can opener. Favorite toys/games for each child. Hardware for disassembled items. Maps. Important phone numbers. Household inventory and moving papers. Moving and travel papers and receipts.
Everything packed in situ at your house
Don't forget you need to bring items down from the attic and in from the garden shed for the movers. Remember to mention these areas and the garage when asking for estimates. Have major appliances disconnected before the movers arrive. They cannot do it for you.
Defrost, clean, dry and deodorize all appliances.
Secure moveable parts on appliances and stereos with tape or blocks.
Keep all hardware from disassembled items together. Have tools handy for reassembly. Drain garden hoses, coil and tie with string or adhesive tape.
Drain gasoline or other fuels from all equipment.

Our experienced professional packers take very special care of your possessionsYou may be thinking about packing some items yourself. Use proper packing materials. Used boxes may prove costly in the long run if they lack reinforcement and crush easily. They are also often difficult to seal securely and odd sizes and shapes make loading difficult, adding to labour costs. Heavy- duty reinforced boxes are available from Navtrans.
Never pack heavy and fragile items together or use newspaper to wrap china, lampshades or clothing, it smudges.

Label cartons with contents and assigned room. Be sure boxed items are well padded and fit snugly. Seal cartons securely with heavy duty packing tape not masking tape.
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