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Moving and the children:
Moving is stressful for everyone, including the children most of all.
They may not understand what's happening. A positive attitude, a feeling of inclusion in the process and a spirit of adventure can help them feel more secure. Your move is our business.  Make it an adventure for the children
A surprise can be a shock! Tell children over 10 about the move as soon as your plans are definite. Younger children should be told once major activity begins that could concern them.
Explore your new community and meet some of your new neighbours before you move, if possible. Send for information on schools, churches, community organizations etc.
Make moving a game for younger children.

Start a week to 10 days ahead of the move, checking off the days before your move on the calendar, etc. Hang a map of your new city on your refrigerator with your new location brightly circled and a picture of your new home.
Have the children prepare "survival kits" for the "safari" to their new home. Explain what the movers will do with their belongings after the moving van leaves.
Encourage your family to plan special activities before the move. Have a farewell party with special friends and neighbors. Exchange photos and addresses.
Let your children label their boxes and unpack their toys at the new home. Allow them to decide on furniture arrangements in their rooms (with your help as needed.)

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