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Moving cars, boats and recreational vehicles can be a real challenge.
At Navtrans we complete such tasks regularly. If you will be including such vehicles in your move, tell our representative at the time of the estimate. These large items should definitely not be left as a last minute addition. They require special handling and planning.
We take into consideration the type of vehicle or boat, cost, your delivery needs, the capacity available for moving the item on a truck, the number of loads/unloads the truck will be making, and other factors.

Pre-Move Preparation.
There is little preparation for a car. Make sure valuable items are removed. For instance, never put the title in the glove compartment. For overseas moves, you must not pack any other items in the vehicle.You should leave a small amount of gasoline in the tank, enough to allow loading and unloading.
Cars, boats, jetskis snowmobiles, we move them all
Boats require more care and can vary a great deal. Ask us how to best to prepare your boat for transport.
The time of year will influence pre-move preparation.

Recreational vehicles are very popular.
As always, be sure gasoline is drained before loading Motorcycles, Mini-bikes, Mopeds Scramblers, Dune buggies, All Terrain Vehicles, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles Etc.

We take care of your special belongings as though they are our ownAny gas powered tools, such as Tractors, Lawnmowers, Gas grills and BBQ's, Strimmers, Snowthrowers and Gas or kerosene heaters, should also be drained of gasoline or other combustible fuels. Blades should be secured and wrapped for handling and safety locks engaged.

Complete a detailed evaluation before turning vehicles over to the carrier, noting any existing damage, scratches, dents, etc. The carrier will complete an inventory, listing any pre-existing damage. Be sure you agree with the description before signing the inventory or releasing the vehicle. Upon delivery, check the condition carefully and note any damage on the inventory. While damage is rare, it can occur
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